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Insitu / Exsitu Conservation
The State houses a diversity of eco-systems including plateaus, ravines, ridges, valleys, riparian areas and flat plains. With four major forest types, 10 National Parks and 25 Wildlife Sanctuaries, the Tiger State houses one of the riches faunal and floral diversity. With around 5000 plant species, these forests are habitat to as many as 500 diversity of minor millets, indigenous cattle and poultry landraces like Kadaknath boasts of the agro biodiversity. In-situ & ex-situ conservation activities are being taken up with the help of line Departments and Biodiversity Management Committees -

Development of biodiversity parks at district level

Biodiversity parks are being developed in Sagar, Rewa, Ujjain, Indore, Shahdol, Dewas, Burhanpur and Hoshangabad through Forest Deptt. Representative floral species of the area and Rare, Endangered and Threatened species of the area are being conserved in biodiversity Park.

Development Nursaries of Rare, Endangered and Threatened plants

Ex-situ conservation of Rare, Endangered and Threatened species in different eco-region through Forest Deptt.

Identification of Biodiversity Heritage Sites

The following 2 sites have been indentified for declaration of Biodiversity Heritage Sites

  • Keotigarhi, Rewa
  • Jatashankar, Chhaterpur

Conservation activities through Biodiversity Management Committees

1. Agro-biodiversity Conservation

i. Conservation of traditional variety - Kathia wheat

Executing Agency - BMC, Gram Panchayat, Malthone , Dist. Sagar

Highlights of activity -
  • Committee is undertaking cultivation of Kathiya Wheat (Triticum durum) a traditional variety of wheat which used to be cultivated in Malwa region of M.P.
  • The committee has grown Kathiya Wheat in 7 hectares land taken on lease. Produce of 100 quintal obtained will be used for sale to interested farmers and for seed production.
  • Committee is also selling broken wheat (Daliya) in local market.
ii. Conservation of traditional varieties of Paddy

Executing Agency - BMC, Gram Panchayat, Pithorabad, Dist Satna

Highlight of activity -
  • In-situ conservation of more than 100 traditional varieties of paddy by growing in small plots.
iii. Community Seed Bank of traditional varieties

Executing Agency - BMC, Gram Panchayat, Pithorabad, Dist Satna

Highlights of activity -
  • A community seed bank of traditional varieties has been setup in which seeds will be stored for longer period using scientific techniques.
  • Seeds of traditional varieties will be distributed to interested farmers.
iv. Conservation of traditional Mung bean

Executing Agency - BMC, Gram Panchayat, Jarhentakala Dist Chhatarpur

Highlights of activity -
  • Cultivation of Mung bean (Vigna radiate) is been undertaken.
v. Seed Bank of traditional varieties

Executing Agency - Shri Rajesh Temre, Master Trainer Seoni (M.P.)

Highlights of activity -
  • Seed bank has been established for conservation of traditional varieties of Satpuda and Mahakoshal region.
2. Conservation of native breeds
i. Ex-situ conservation of Kadaknath - native breed of poultry

Executing Agency - BMC, Gram Panchayat, Madri District Sagar (M.P.)

Highlights of activity -
  • Kadaknath is a native breed of poultry confined to Jhabua and Alirajgarh Districts of M.P. Committee is rearing Kadaknath birds for breeding purpose.
ii. Conservation of Jamunapari - native breed of goat

Executing Agency - BMC, Gram Panchyat, Andela District Sagar (M.P.)

Highlights of activity -
  • Rearing and breeding of Jamunapari goats.
iii. Conservation of Sahiwal - indigenous breed of cattle

Executing Agency - BMC, Gram Panchyat Paliya Piparia District-Hoshangabad (M.P.)

Highlights of activity -
  • Rearing of Sahiwal male calfs for breeding purpose.
3. Conservation of Rare, Endangered Species i. Conservation of rare medicinal plants

Executing Agency - Shri Nepal Singh Banafar, Gram Govindgarh, District-Rewa (M.P.)

Highlights of activity -
  • 90 thousand plants of rare and endangered medicinal plants of Rewa region being developed in nursery
ii. Conservation and propagation of Guggul endangered medicinal plant of Chambal Region

Executing Agency - Sujagrati Samaj Sevi Sansthan Dist. Morena.

Highlights of activity -
  • Guggul is a medicinal plant species of economic importance found in Chambal region in M.P. which has become an endangered species due to unsustainable harvesting.
  • 10,000 plants of Guggul have been raised by the organization.
iii. Nursery of RET plants

Executing Agency - Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Pachmarhi District Hoshangabad (M.P.)

Highlights of activity -
  • Plantation of rare and endangered medicinal plants in school premises.
iv. Conservation and Multiplication of Achar and Noni

Executing Agency - Swatantra Yuva Shakti Sangthan, Seoni (M.P.)

Highlights of activity -
  • Nursery of Achar (Buchnania lanzan) and Noni (Morinda tinctoriya) by Swatantra Yuva Shakti Sangthan, Seoni.

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