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Completed Projects
List Of Completed Projects
Title of the Project Executing Agency Principal Investigator Project Report
I. Phytodiversity
Identification and Enumeration of Wild Relatives of Grasses of Madhya Pradesh State. Arts, Science & Commerce College, Amravati Prof. G. D. Muratkar, Dept. of Environmental Science [Summary of Project]
Panna Landscape Corridor Connections (Fine scale assessment of tiger (Panthera tigris) connectivity networks in the Panna Landcape, Madhya Pradesh Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata, West Bengal Robert John Chandran,Associate Professor, IISER, Kolkata [Detailed Project Report]
Trees of Bhopal Shaheed Bhagat Singh Govt. Degree College, Ashta Dr. Madhuri Modak [Detailed Project Report]
Inventorization of existing floral and faunal elements in the proposed biodiversity park area at Bargi hills, Jabalpur State Forest Research Institute, Jabalpur Dr. J. L. Shrivastava The project involved a survey of 276 hectares land at Bargi hills, Jabalpur earmarked for establishment of Biodiversity Park. A total of 86 families, 201 genera and 251 species of plants were recorded. In the survey 50 species of birds and 13 species of mammals were also recorded.
[Detailed Project Report]
Assessment of status and role of sacred groves in conservation of biodiversity at different levels in MP State Forest Research Institute, Jabalpur.

Dr. J. L. Shrivastava A Survey of “Sacred Groves” in MP has been undertaken in collaboration with State Forest Research Institute, Jabalpur. Sacred groves are patches of natural vegetation dedicated to local deities protected by religious beliefs. In the first phase, survey of Mandla and Dindori districts was undertaken. Survey has revealed 30 sacred groves in Mandla and 19 in Dindori. List of species present in these sacred groves has been documented. In the second phase survey of Hoshangabad and Chindwara districts has been completed. The survey has revealed 78 Sacred groves in Hoshangabad and 49 sacred groves in Chindwara districts.
[Detailed Project Report]
Strategic plan for establishing/strengthening botanical garden at Bhopal  Sarojini Naidu P.G. Govt. Girls College, Bhopal Dr. Shashi Ra The Project involved phyto-diversity survey of central eco-regions covering Bhopal, Vidhisha, Raisen, and Sehore districts. It also included identification of Rare, Endangered Threatened (RET) species and their current status in the eco-regions. The survey revealed 113 species of plants in Raisen, 97 species in Vidhisha, 85 species in Sehore and 788 species in Bhopal district. In the survey 29 RET species were also recorded. Some of the RET species identified in the survey are Ratti, Satawar, Baichand, Amla, Gurbel, Safed musli etc.
[Detailed Project Report]
Documentation of Floral and faunal element of Ujjain division Institute of Environment Management and Plant Sciences, Vikram University, Ujjain Dr. V. P. Singh The Project involved phyto-diversity survey of Ujjain division in Malwa eco-region. The survey revealed a total of 947 of which 918 species belonged to Angiosperms, 13 Gymnosperms, 09 pteridophytes, and 07 Bryophyte species. The project also involved cataloguing of useful medicinal plants available in Malwa region. An inventory of 173 medicinal plants has been prepared. 
Plant Diversity of Chambal Region with Special reference to the conservation Strategy of threatened taxa.  Institute of Ethnobiology, Jiwaji University, Gwalior Dr. A. K. Jain The Project involved phyto-diversity survey of Chambal eco-region covering Gwalior, Bhind, Morena, Datia, Sheopur, Shivpuri, AshokNagarand Guna districts. It also included identification of Rare, Endangered Threatened (RET) species and their current status in the eco-region. The survey revealed 287 species of plants in Ashok Nagar district, 438 species in Gwalior, 170 species in Morena and 412 species in Guna district. In the survey 35 RET species were also recorded.
[Detailed Project Report]
Status Survey of some locally used medicinal plants in Vindhya eco-region. Government Model Science College, Rewa) - [Detailed Project Report]
Documentation of biodiversity status in Mandla and Dindori Districts.  State Forest Research Institute, Jabalpur Dr. J. L. Shrivastava The project involved a documentation of Biodiversity status of Mandla & Dindori districts. The project involved documentation of Flora, Wildfauna, livestock, Fish, agricultural diversity and cultural diversity in these districts. In addition 2 PBRs (Peoples Biodiversity Register) have been prepared in two villages of each block. Floristic survey of Mandla has revealed a total of 1006 species (162 trees, 71 shrubs, 681 herbs, 51 climbers, 02 parasites and 39 species of grasses). Some biodiversity rich areas in Mandla district also have been identified in the study. Floristic survey of Dindori has revealed a total of 1104 plant species (206 trees, 132 shrubs, 475 herbs, 115 climbers, 02 parasites and 172 species of grasses).
[Detailed Project Report]
Lichen Diversity of Rewa and adjacent area of Vindhyachal in relation to bio-monitoring studies.  National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow  Dr. D. K. Upreti The project involves survey, collection and identification of lichens in Rewa and adjacent districts. Identify distribution of different growth forms of lichens growing on diverse substrates (rocks, trees, decaying wood and soil) and identify sensitive/tolerant indicators and their ecology. A field guide of the common lichens of the area for use of naturalist and tourists will be published at the end of the project.
[Detailed Project Report]
Preparation of project document for Panna area as potential Biosphere Reserve. Environmental Planning and Coordination Organization, Bhopal - [Detailed Project Report]
Compilation of literature/work done in Madhya Pradesh State, pertaining to the field of phyto-diversity. Geetanjali Girls P.G. College, Bhopal   [Detailed Project Report]
II. Faunal Diversity
Butterflies of Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary Tinsa Ecological Foundation, Bhopal - [Detailed Project Report]
Threatened Birds of Madhya Pradesh The Nature Volunteers, Indore - [Summary of Project]
[Threatened Birds of Madhya Pradesh]
Impact study on Beekeeping with Indigenous Honeybee Apis Cerana indica and Trigona for increase in crop yields, sustainable livelihoods and biodiversity conservation in Chhindwara district. Under the Mango Tree, Bhopal - [Summary of Project]
Building up a community based conservation Education Programme for the globally threatened bird Lesser Florican (Sepheotide indica) in Madhya Pradesh  Centre for Environment Education, Bhopal Dr.Supriya Jhunjhunwala The project involved a survey of Lesser florican, commonly known as "Kharmore" a globally threatened bird species in Ratlam and Dhar districts to gather baseline data to develop a conservation programme.A film has also been prepared on Lesser floricans. The survey was conducted by CEE.
Madhya Pradesh Bird Vocalizations  Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal Dr. Pratap Singh The project involved making of an interactive audio CD of vocalizations of birds of Madhya Pradesh "Piyu". Piyu is a repository of 140 calls of birds found Central India. Along with calls Piyu also provides basic information, a photo, IUCN threat status and call spectrogram for each bird. Piyu has been designed for use by individual users for personal reference and also for interactive and automated group presentations. It can also be used at wildlife interpretation centers to sensitize visitors and to train field staff & tours as a learning resource and identification tool.
Threats of sand mining on the nesting of turtle and ghariyal in the National Chambal Sanctuary, MP  School of studies in Zoology, Jiwaji University, Gwalior Shri Sitaram Taigor The project involved survey and identification of key habitats and nesting sites of Gharial, Mugger, Turtle, Dolphin and Otters in National Chambal Sanctuary and assessment of threat factors. A total of 09, 07 and 09 key habitats were identified for gharial, Muggers and Dolphins respectively. A total of 865, 194, 91,796 individuals of gharials, Muggers, Dolphins and Turtles respectively sighted during the survey. Major threats identified-Sand mining, Fishing, agricultural practices, Ferry, Water extraction, nest predation and poaching.
[Detailed Project Report]
Monitoring wildlife population and habitat assessment in the proposed Lion introduction site Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary, MP. Shri Faiyaz A Khudsar - [Detailed Project Report]
A survey of Critically endangered forest Owlet in Madhya Pradesh  Enviroserch Dr.Jayant Kulkarni A survey of Heteroglaux blewitti commonly known as "Forest owlet" a critically endangered bird was carried out by Envirosearch, a pune based NGO. The survey was carried in the teak bearing forests of MP.A total of 21 forest owlet individuals were located in Burhanpur and Khandwa districts. A CD has been prepared giving information on its appearance, main identification features.
[Detailed Project Report]
Ecological Studies on the Four-horned antelope Tetracerus quadricornis in a Tropical Dry Forest - - [Detailed Project Report]
III. Aquatic Biodiversity
Biodiversity of fish species in aquatic ecosystem of Rewa district  Govt. Model Science College, Rewa Dr. S.N. Shukla The project involved a study of biodiversity of fish species in different water bodies of Rewa district. The major water bodies selected for the study were Tons, Beehar, Bichhia rivers, Gorama and Jarmohara dams and Govindgarh lake. In all 54 fish species have been recorded in the study. The distribution and abundance of these species in different resources was also recorded.6 species of exotic fishes viz Silver carp, Common carp, Scale carp, Tilapia were also recorded. Maximum species were recorded from Tons river followed by Govindgarh and Gorama dams. In the study 6 species of fishes - Bagarius bagarius, Wallaga attu, Catla catla, Tor
[Detailed Project Report]
Status of fish biodiversity conservation in some protected aquatic area of Narmada river basin  Barkatullah University, Bhopal Dr. Vipin Vyas The project entailed a study of status of fish biodiversity in some protected aquatic areas of Narmada basin. In the study Fish Biodiversity a stretch of Narmanda river between Shahganj and Bandua was studied. A total of 47 species of fishes have been recorded in various locations. The study revealed that the selected 22 km stretch harbors 50% of total reported species thus rich in Biodiversity. The study also involved socio-economic survey of fishermen community of the area.
Aquatic biodiversity documentation and suggesting measures for their conservation in major rivers and ponds of M. P.  Barkatullah University, Bhopal Dr. Vipin Vyas The project involves documentation of current biodiversity profile in the major water bodies of M.P. It also aims to address factors adversely affecting aquatic biodiversity and to prepare management plans for conservation of endangered species. It will also assess the role of fishery as a source of livelihood. The project area covers selected sites in Betwa, Tapti, Chambal, Ken, Son rivers and major reservoirs viz Gandhisagar, govindgarh, Halali etc.
IV. Traditional Knowledge
Documentation of indigenous knowledge of Baiga, Bharia and Saharia tribes in M. P. State Forest Research Institute, Jabalpur - -
Study on utilization pattern of plants in ethno-botanical uses prevalent in tribal pockets of Satpura plateau in M. P.  Tropical Forest Reseasrch Institute, Jabalpur Dr. V. Nath The project involves documentation of traditional knowledge on ethno-medicinal uses of plants from tribal community in Mandla, Katni, Jabalpur and Chindwara districts. It also involves documentation of utilization pattern of these medicinal plants and their parts in different formulation by traditional healers. The study will also provide the channels involved in procurement of herbal plants as raw material for preparation of finished products and their marketing.
V. Agro Biodiversity
Conservation and promotion of traditional indigenous seeds Biodiversity Management Committee, Bijapuri, Anuppur - [Summary of Project]
Enhancing on-farm conservation of agro-biodiversity through community seed bank in Raisen District Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Raisen Dr. Anshuman Gupta [Summary of Project]
Conservation & Development of Seed Bank of traditional varieties of rice - Shri Babulal Dahiya, Satna -
Collection, maintenance, characterization and evaluation of land races of small millets especially for biotic stresses in the tribal areas of Rewa division of MP  College of Agriculture, Rewa Dr. A. K. Jain Project involves collection of land races of Small millets along with passport data about ITKs and value addition food. To study genetic diversity among the collected germplasm for yield, yield attributes and biotic stresses.
[Detailed Project Report]
VI. Others
Suggesting Mechanisms for Sustainable Management of Biodiversity and Access and Benefit Sharing Mechanism in the State of Madhya Pradesh Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal - [Summary of Project]
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